Mirror, Mirror Ltd edition!
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Mirror, Mirror Ltd edition!

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Mirror, mirror on the wall… who is the fairest of them all?

This amazing limited edition is not to be missed for all Snow White or the Evil Queen lovers!

We have put together this exclusive pack for five very lucky platinum members, so don’t be Sleepy or Dopey… get in quick, so you can be Happy! 

~ Mouthful with a twist (What poisoned apple will be your fate?)

~ Custom ‘Fairest of the all’ mirror by Fiona

~ Short story Evil Queen earrings

~ Ltd edition Evil Queen ‘Wet’ hair brush

~ Disney Snow White mug

~ ‘You’ve just been poisoned’ bowl

~ Ltd edition ‘Poisoned apple’ whip me body wash

~ Classic Snow White story book

~ Twisted Tales ‘Mirror mirror’ book

~ Red apple market bag


*This is a game exclusive… your loyalty card will be punched. 

* No claims included in this exclusive show. 

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