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Welcome to Helz… where shucking is second nature, Edi is not the name of a man, drilling has no association to the army and mounting will not result in a protection order being issued.  We are a small family owned business where pearls crystals and novelty items are our pleasure (or yours), the answer is always 69 and the shows are generally R18. We excel in being unique and want to offer a point of difference within the live game show world both within our home country of New Zealand as well as internationally.

We go live on Facebook every week to complete your orders!


1. Browse the games and pieces until you find what you are looking for, add to cart and make payment...pretty simple so far right?

2. Once your order and payment have been received we will place your name in the 'line up' for your order to be opened LIVE on our Facebook page. 

3. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on live shows, you can also search out our Fan page "Helz Shelz Naughty Corner” and join in the fun and banter, it's also a handy forum to ask any questions that you might have (you can also check out previous live shows) as a lot of our followers are long time pearl addicts!!

4. During the live show, your name will be called and your order completed, don't worry if you aren't there, we won't do it without you. Just remember to say hi when you pop on! 

5. You don't have to order to be a part of our quirky crew, we welcome all newbies and seasoned pros with open arms and a voluptuous sense of humour!

*We have some very helpful admin who are able to answer any queries during the live*

Thanks for taking the time to check us out, we hope to see you there.

Helz & Jamie

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